The String Family

The string family consists of four instruments, the Violin, the Viola, the Cello, and the Bass. Sound is made by each instrument in the family by plucking with the fingers or rubbing the horse hair bow across a string. Each instrument also comes in a variety of sizes, to fit the size of the student. All younger students should be measured by a music teacher or in a music store to determine the size that suits them. Despite these similarities, there are a few fundamental differences between each member of the family.
  • The Violin is the smallest, and is therefore the highest in pitch. It is also the most popular. It is played with the instrument under the chin while sitting or standing, and its small size makes it easily transporable.

  • The Viola is very similar to the violin, only slightly larger, and slightly lower in pitch. It may be played while sitting or standing, and it's tone is regarded as mellow and sweet. Like the violin, it is easily transportable.

  • The Cello is much larger and lower than the viola, and must be played while sitting with the instrument between the knees. Fortunately, cellos are made for students of all sizes.

  • The String Bass is the largest and lowest string instrument in the orchestra. It is played while standing or sitting on a stool. It is also made different sizes so that any size student can do well on the bass.