About Beginband

BeginBand.com is a website dedicated to giving free information about beginning band and orchestra. It was designed and written by Ben and Mike Martinson, as a means to give advice to the thousands of beginning musicians who decide to jump into the exciting world of playing an instrument. Mike Martinson has taught music at all levels in the public schools and supervised a large school district music program for over ten years. He also is called on frequently as a performing musician for both live and recorded music from everything from symphonies to folk groups.

Joining a band or orchestra for the first time can be intimidating. Hopefully, BeginBand.com can help to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and make the initial leap into instrumental music even more enjoyable!

Our Mission

Our mission is to simply introduce young students to the world of joining a school band or orchestra.  Many of the decisions made at the beginning stages often determine the level of success for beginning musicians.  This website is available to assist you with those decisions.